Compact Ring-Torsion Load Cells RTN


  • OIML approved as suitable for trade use (up to 5000 d and 7500 d in case of multidivisional scales) 
  • High accuracy, even for very small utilisation ranges (down to 15% in case of trade use according to OIML) 
  • High output signal and, thus, highresolution of useful signal range 
  • Low power consumption allows realisation of multi-scale systems with simple evaluation electronics 
  • Protection to EEx ib IIC T 6 for use in explosion hazardous areas 
  • Protection class IP 68



Acting as a transducer, the load cell converts the mechanical input signal, the load, proportionally into the electrical output voltage.

The consistent optimization of the ringtorsion load cells offers additional advantages:

  • The extremely low headroom simplifies the use in almost all weighing applications
  • The sturdy design enables easy transport, installation, and operation, even under very harsh environmental conditions (e.g. aggressive media, interfering forces, or extreme temperatures)



  • Hermetically sealed due to laser welding; protection class IP 68
  • High corrosion protection due to the use of electrolytically polished stainless steel
  • All electrical components are inside the load cell and are thus optimally protected
  • The high-quality, sturdy connection cable is lead radially into the load cell
  • The RTN load cells are compatible with earlier ring-torsion load cells if our adapter kits are used



  • High measuring sensitivity
  • High repeatability
  • High long-term stability and, thus, continuing and consistently high accuracy
  • Minimal effect on accuracy by side forces
  • High reliability and availability, even in case of unavoidable shock loads, constraining forces or electrical interferences
  • Integral excessive voltage protection
  • Moment-free load input/output due to direct, vertical force flow

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