DISOMAT® Tersus Weighing Terminal

Tersus Weighing



A weighing terminal with all the equipment 

  • Clear operator guidance on a graphicscompatible back-lit LCD display 
  • Built-in Ethernet port 
  •  4 built-in USB Ports 
  • Connection for industrial fieldbuses 
  • Bluetooth interface (optional) 
  • Built-in legal-for trade memory (optional) 
  • Remote α/n keyboard (optional) 
  • Modular and expandable I/O 
  • Also available with two measuring channels
  • All components can be replaced without re-verification



The compact DISOMAT® Tersus weighing terminal is ideal for use in a wide range of weighing applications, regardless of whether you’re focusing on operating scales or data processing systems, controlling processes or communicating with systems provided by the customer.

The system has four predefined configurations stored for typical applications that can be easily called up:

These function variants:

  • Cargo scales
  • Crane scales
  • Filling scales
  • Discharge Scales

They offer the user a proven scope of functions adapted to each individual application including the option of adapting the weigh terminal to the special requirements of his scale.

You can also get the option of activating its configuration as a road weigh bridge (input/output scale).

Furthermore, you can adapt the functionality of the DISOMAT Tersus to virtually any weighing job by adapting the links between the logical function blocks.

You can do either this by using the convenient DISOPLAN PC program (a graphic interface) or right on the terminal. This makes it easy and cost-effective to adapt the terminal locally without major programming effort

In the optional two-channel measuring instrument design, the DISOMAT Tersus can also be used for operating twin-unit road weigh bridges or two-trolley cranes with a separate overload indicator, or more you
can simultaneously monitor the levels of  two bins. You can even carry out to feeding processes at once



The back-lit graphic-compatible QVGA format display (320 x 240 dots) shows the weight constantly, even when operators are making inputs in the seven-line dialogue area of the display or when status information is output.

For instance, this might be information on the progress of Feeding in progress (a bargraph), on the position of the inputs or outputs or help for operating the terminal. A special mode (“the telephone alphabets”)
can also be used to key in α-characters via keyboard and you also have the option of a remote α/n keyboard to make it more convenient to key in inputs, particularly for frequent texts.

You can add a second independent control terminal at any time with second DISOMAT Tersus in the ‘mirror” – conficuration.

You can use a total of eight binary inputs and 12 binary outputs for control jobs on the scale and DISOMAT Tersus and even add an analog I/A module (two input/two outputs).

You can adapt the functionality of the inputs/outputs by linking the function blocks to the application’s requirements in broad limits while increasing the number of binary inputs/outputs with upgrade modules wherever necessary.

Three serial interfaces enable you to connect peripheral units such as printers and remote displays while connecting up data with the data processing or PLC unit.

You can retrofits another serial interface to fit your needs.

There are coupling modules available that can be retrofitted for coupling the most common industrial fieldbus systems (Profibus, DeviceNet) – and the Ethernet interface (100 M baud) is even standard terminal equipment.

DISOMAT Tersus has 4 built-in USB ports for connecting up the external keyboard, a legal-fourtrade memory and a printer. The DISOMAT Tersus measuring equipment has extremely high resolution and outstanding
measuring speed featuring great reserves even for the most difficult weighing applications, such as scales with minor load cell utilization, scales whose load sensor is in the hazardous area, and for fast filling processes.
Even extreme temperature demands are no problem for this terminal –it’s rated temperature range includes –30 to +60 °C
The scale parameters (including the calibration data) are stored in the connecting plug of the load cell cable (dongle). If there is a fault, it can be used to replace any component in the terminal without having to recalibrate or reverify it. The system functions immediately within legal-for-trade specifications (don’t forget this also applies to both measuring channels independently in the two-channel design).

Together with its modular design, this keeps downtimes and repair expenditures on the terminal to a minimum.
The available housing designs:

  •  Table-top housing
  •  Panel mount
  •  Stainless steel housing
  •  Field housing
  •  19″ mounting frame

They offer the right packaging for practically every environment.

Operation & Settings

The standard DISOMAT operating languages are German and English.. You can easily load other operating languages into the terminal with the PC-supported DISOPLAN parameterising and configuration program (a
WINDOWS program)
(The following are available now: Italian, Spanish, French, Polish, Czech, Hungarian and Russian and you get other languages to fit your needs).
Beyond this,DISOPLAN enables you to:

  • carry out graphic configuration of the function blocks
  • set all instrument parameters
  • calibrate the scale
  • easily format print patterns
  • Here’s something new: recording weight curves
  • Reading out the entire terminal configuration (back-up)
  • Playing back stored data into a DISOMAT Tersus (restore) for preparing a replacement terminal on short notice.

Together with the dongle idea, this keeps downtimes to a minimum if there is a fault while allowing minimum spare part stocks.

DISOPLAN either communicates with the DISOMAT

  • serially
  • via Ethernet, or
  • via Bluetooth (option)

Tersus Weighing2


All parameter and calibration data are stored in the terminal to protect them from power failure.
The real-time clock continues to run for at last seven days.



Variable print pattern formatting allows you to freely lay out your weighing report.

Here’s something new:
You can graphically configure the printed vouchers in DISOPLAN (direct preview)
You can print out the following along with weight data:

  • Date and time
  • Serial no.
  •  Balance totals
  •  The number of balanced weighings
  • 5 strings with as many as 25 digits
  • 3 stored texts with 26 characters each

The arrangement of printing elements is defined in a format and you can store 6 different formats.

They offer the right packaging for virtually every environment. The available housing designs for DISOMAT Tersus

Tersus Weighing3


Tersus Weighing4           Tersus Weighing5


Tersus Weighing6


Tersus Weighing7

Tersus Weighing8

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