INTECONT ® Satus, Indicator for Beltscales



  • Clear text operator guidance on back lighting LCD display
  • ƒ Stainless steel housing – at a high protection class 
  • ƒ Table-top or wall mounting 
  • ƒ Various fieldbuses 
  • ƒ Ethernet interface, can also be used for configuration 
  • ƒ All components can be exchanged without recalibration



The indicator INTECONT Satusisdesigned for applicationsusing stand-alone belt weigher MULTIBELT®with on-site electronics.
By focusing primarily on the necessitiesthe INTECONT Satus represents a very attractive, simple and modern device on the market.


Equipment & Functionality

The indicator for beltscales INTECONT Satus VKG 20790 has a standard stainless steel console shaped case in protection class IP65 that is suited for table-top and wall mounting.
The indicator has aneasily readable back lighting LCD display for showing measuredvalues with clear text operator guidance. Data is keyed in via flexible membrane keyboard with 6 keys.

All INTECONT Satusparameterscan be configuredvery easy by using the PC program EasyServe.
The parameters are storedusing the load cell dongle technologyand therefore are available evenafter replacement of the main board.

Since Ethernet is increasingly becomingthe communicationstandard even in industry, INTECONT Satus has a standard 10/100 Mbaud network connection. Also the well-established Modbus.

Optional fieldbus protocols for ProfibusDP-V0, DeviceNet, Ethernet MODBUS/TCP and Ethernet/IP are available.