Pendulum Mount VPN for Compact Ring-Torsion Load Cell RTN

Load Cells Pendulum1

  • - Mount for compact load cells RTN
  • - Suitable for highest accuracies
  • - Legal-for-trade
  • - Extremely rugged (stainless steel)
  • - Self-aligning
  • - Easy installation, maintenance free



Pendulum mounts VPN are specially designed for use with compact load cells of the RTN type. They are used where long life and highest measuring accuracy are required in severe

Typical applications are load weightbriges and hopper scales.



A complete VPN self-aligning mount consists of the pendulum contact plate, a pressure plate, the centering piece and height adjustments shims. The load cell can be mounted on supporting structures or on an optional foot plate. On rough ground, the foot plate provides optimum mounting surface.



The weight force to be measured is applied to the pendulum contact plate via the pressure plate down to the load cell. The pendulum contact plate protects the load cell from interfering lateral forces. The self-aligning function of this mount automatically returns the scale to its resting position after deflection. Depending on the local situation, the scale has to be equipped with movement limit stops.


VPN 10 – 100t VPN 1 – 4,7t

Load Cells Pendulum2

Load Cells Pendulum3

  • Pressure plate is secured through a centering piece screwed onto the connecting structure.
  • Height is adjusted (max. 5 mm) with shims.
  • Load cell is centered via a pin (Æ25 mm)
  • Optional foot plate is centered via a pin (Æ25 mm, included in the delivery).
  • Earthing connection is to be provided on connecting structure base plate (see installation drawing).


Load Cells Pendulum4

Load Cells Pendulum5

Load Cells not included