Compact Mounts for Ring-Torsion Load Cells


  • Complete compact mount with  integrated bumper check and  hold-down
  • - Legal-for-trade
  • - Simple, rugged and flat design
  • - Dynamic load damping properties
  • - Insensitivity to inclined position of the connecting structure up to 0.6°=10mm/m
  • - High resistance to environmental influences and chemicals
  • - Maintenance-free
  • - Roughly aligned in factory



The compact mounts are designed for load input into Schenck ring-torsion load cells optimised with regard to measurement. Designed as mounting unit with integrated bumper check and holddown, the compact mounts are used
on all kinds of industrial scales, e.g. hopper, silo, container and mixer scales.



The compact mount consists of load input section, bumper check, and hold-down. The compact mount is positioned by shifting in the receiving structure. The play of bumper check and holddown can be checked and adjusted using set screws, also in narrow space conditions.



The weight to be measured is applied to the load cell via a contact plate. Due to the special design, the vertical deflection is extremely low and proportional to the load. Occurring side forces deform the elastomer in parallel direction. The mount centres automatically when relieved of these side forces. The bumper check limits the play, the hold-down prevents lift-off. No tie-rod is required.

Compact Mounts for Load Cells 0.47 – 33 t

Load CompMOUNT1



Compact Mounts VKN 47t – 150t 


Technical Data and VariantsVKN 47 – 150 t 



Lifting and lowering of the load application elements may cause a non-repeatable load to be applied to the load cell and produce errors in measurement. Therefore ensure thatthe load cell in the compact mount is nevertotally relieved. Select minimum preload such that load cell and contact plate, or base plate, are always positively tied in operation.


Compact Mounts DKM 0.47 t – 0.68 t and VKN 1 t – 33 t – Support Point Arrangement 


Please observe in all cases:

The present support point arrangements merely consider the weighing aspects. It is up to the user to ensure strength and solidity of the support structure.

Admissible load per support point:
Max. horizontal force: 10 % x Ln

Max. vertical lift-off

(tensile) force: 15 % x Ln
Ln= rated load per support point

If loads on horizontal limit stop and hold-down are excessive, take separate measures.


Mounts VKN 47 – 150 t are designed for use on round-shaped hoppers of 3 – 6 m diameter. 3 to 4 mounts are mounted radially as shown above (round-shaped hopper, 4-point support).