LT1260-Surge Protector IP65



The LT1260 load cell surge protector provides protection to the weighing system from severe over voltage and high power impulse currents.
The LT1260 contains unique triple stage surge protection circuitry to protect the signal, supply and shield lines. The first stage comprises of gas discharge tubes. Three terminal gas discharge tubes are used providing superior differential and common mode protection against conducted transients then surge protectors based on two terminal gas discharge tubes.
Stage two comprises of current limiting fusible series surge resistors which in a rare case of extreme lightning or surge event will resort to a fail safe operation. This effectively disconnects the line from sensitive electronic equipment. The third stage comprises of a low capacitance over voltage diode clamp array. The diode array clamps fast transients to a safe level until the gas discharge tubes turn on. The triple stage surge protector can handle higher transients then surge protectors based on voltage clamp diodes only.



Protects the weighing system from over voltage and high power impulse currents

  • - Protects signal, supply and shield lines
  • - High power triple stage surge protection
  • - Ground clamp provided on the exterior of the enclosure
  • - Suitable for AC or DC load cell excitation voltages
  • - IP65 Protection rating
  • - Supports 4 or 6 wire load cells
  • - Clear lid for easy fault finding
  • - Shielded 6-wire connection to the load cell instrumentation
  • - Cage clamp wire connectors
  • - 1 year limited warranty


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The LT1260 load cell surge protector should be connected as close to the load cell or equipment been protected. For maximum protection the LT1260 can be installed at both ends of the system. Normally the surge protector will be installed between the junction box and the weighing equipment.
The LT1260 needs to be earthed for the protection circuitry to function correctly. Connect the external M8 stud to the equipment earth with the minimum length of cable as possible.
The LT1260 provides both a screened earth and an isolated screen by cutting the shield to earth link on the PCB. If remote sensing is not used as in the case of 4-wire load cells then the system needs to be re-calibrated in order to cancel out the series resistance.

  • - Tighten the gland nut until the rubber touches the cable completely and then tighten the nut with ½ turn (180 degrees)
  • - Install the LT1260 with the glands pointing downwards with cable drip loops (If the cables and load cell surge protector is exposed to water then bend a short downward loop in all cables near the cord grips so any water draining down the cables will drip off before reaching the load cell surge protector.
  • - If remote sensing is not used as in the case of 4-wire load cells then the system needs to be re-calibrated in order to cancel out the series resistance.


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LT1260 – Load Cell Surge Protector



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