LT1300 Wall Mount Load Cell Indicator





The LT1300 wall mount load cell indicator is a precision digital indicator for load cell and strain gauge applications.

The high bright 6-digit 7-segment 20mm LED displays and the sunlight readable graphic LCD display make for easy setup and readability. A simple menu system allows for easy configuration of display and load cell settings. The load cell
calibration can be done directly from the load cell calibration certificate or from using known weights.

A universal mains switch mode power supply (85-264VAC) is provided as standard but an optional low voltage (10-30VDC) isolated power supply or a high voltage (25-70VDC) isolated power supply can be installed.

The LT1300 contains precision front end circuitry for high accuracy and stability. The load cell bridge excitation voltage can be field selectable for 5VDC or 10VDC and provides for a Kelvin sensed feedback to compensate for cable loss. The LT1300 can power up to 6×350Ω load cells at 10V excitation and can interface to both 4­wire and 6­wire load cells. RS232 and RS485 communications is supplied as standard with the MODBUS™ RTU and MODBUS™ ASCII protocol.

A simple ASCII out protocol is also provided for serial printing and communicating to large displays. The LT1300 also has analog out circuitry to generate a precision 0/4-20mA, 0-10V or +-10V analog output signal.
The LT1300 also includes advanced features such as auto-zero tracking, user input linearisation, max/min recording, programmable front push buttons, programmable digital inputs, security menu lockout, zero indication, motion indication, advanced digital filtering, plus many more to provide a all in one precision load cell indicator.



  • - 4 or 6 wire load cell / strain gauge input
  • - Field jumper selectable 5V or 10V load cell / bridge excitation voltage (Kelvin force sense excitation voltage to compensate for cable loss)
  • - Can power up to 6×350Ω load cells at 10V excitation voltage
  • - High precision 22bit ADC front end circuitry
  • - -199999 to +999999 display counts
  • - High bright 6-digit 7-segment 20mm LED displays
  • - 128×64 pixel backlit sunlight readable graphic LCD display for easy setup and calibration
  • - Easy calibration either from the load cell calibration certificate or by using known weights
  • - RS232 and RS485 communications (MODBUS™ RTU/ASCII and a serial ASCII out protocol)
  • - 180x180x60mm flame retardant ABS enclosure
  • - Universal mains switch mode power supply (85-264VAC) standard with built in EMI and fuse protection
  • - 4x Mechanical (FORM-C) relays
  • - 3x Programmable digital inputs
  • - 16 Point lineariser
  • - High precision 16bit Analog output (0/4-20mA, 0-10V, +-10V)
  • - Auto-zero tracking function
  • - Selectable/adjustable advanced digital filtering
  • - Up to 8 front panel LED indicators for alarm set point status, print, net/gross toggle, motion and zero
  • - Full alpha-numeric keypad
  • - Front programmable function keys (Zero, Tare, Print, Gross/Net toggle, LED Display Toggle, Display Hold & Alarm latch reset
  • - Max/Min weight recording
  • - RTC (Real Time Clock) for time and date stamping
  • - Cage clamp wire connectors for easy installation
  • - Field upgradable firmware via the RS232 interface
  • - 1 Year Warranty
  • - Additional hardware options include:
  • - Up to 4 solid state (FORM-A) relays
  • - Low voltage 10-30VDC Isolated power supply
  • - High voltage 25-70VDC Isolated power supply









Enclosure Dimensions & Mounting Template







Mounting Template

The below diagram shows the location of the enclosure mounting holes. The mounting hole dimensions are also available on the underside of the enclosure. The 2 side cover strips must be opened to gain access to the mounting holes.



Hardware Conncetion Diagram




Ordering Information

Add option codes to suffix of model number separated by hyphens.

(LT1300 Wall mount weighing indicator with low voltage isolated DC power supply)

Option part numbers:

  • - 700 – Low voltage 10-30VDC isolated power supply
  • - 701 – High voltage 25-70VDC isolated power supply
  • - 720 – 1 Solid-state relay
  • - 721 – 2 Solid-state relays
  • - 722 – 3 Solid-state relays
  • - 723 – 4 Solid-state relays
  • - 762 – 115VAC Inductive load suppressor
  • - 763 – 230VAC Inductive load suppressor
  • - 764 – 2A Slow blow replacement fuse
  • - 765 – R-C Snubber noise and arc suppressor



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