Weigbridge Information System


For any business that uses weight as the basis of stocking or selling commodities, it is important to acquire accurate and timely information from a weighing system. To have total control over weighbridge information, stop the manual capturing of data, increase securi ty, stop theft, improve delivery of timely information, track progress on orders, a weighbridge information system is the solution.

Our weighbridge information system is simple to use and simple to support, minimizing the total cost of ownership for customers and maximizing their return on investment. The system runs on a PC with a Windows operating system and uses the power of latest Microsoft’s SQL database managementsystem.

The system can be setup as a stand-alone system or a database server with multiple clients. The weighbridge information system is configurable to interface with any type of scale indicator to acquire the weighbridge mass, via a RS232, TCP/IP or Modbus/TCP communication link.

The system also has some handy configurable optionsto improve and simplify the weighbridge operation:

  •  – Pre-configurable products, transporters, suppliers and customers.
  • - Pre-defined order list with validation against the order mass to block transactions when an order is complete.
  • - Pre-defined empty mass for selected registration numbers or vehicle fleet numbers.
  • - Options to create a link between the registration numbers and transporters.
  • - Intelli-sense on registration number entry field (automatically recall previously entered number).
  • - Single or multi deck weighing.
  • - Cash sale option to manage cash sales.
  • - Configurable application user access levels.
  • - Interface to IP cameras to capture images of vehicles weighed.
  • - Tag reader interface for automatic vehicle identification.
  • - Picking slip printing.
  • - From the information logged it is possible to retrieve information required by operations, management and finance department in the following ways:
  • - Information via automated electronic mail (via company internal LAN or 3G cellular network).
  • - Information that can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet (*.xls or *.csv file).
  • - Reports printed as a paper copy to a printer (dot matrix or laser printer).
  • - Information via SMS.


Software Feature List

  • - Windows based software that runs on Windows XP, Windows7 or Windows8.
  • - Easy to use with simple and user friendly interface.
  • - Validation on all user and scale inputs.
  • - Interface with any make of indicator via RS232, TCP/IP or Modbus/TCP.
  • - User interface with displays for:
  • - Scale mass
  • - Net mass
  • - Multi deck scale mass
  • - Transaction information
  • - Order information
  • - Image of vehicle weighed (with IP cameras installed)
  • - User interface with operator input and selection for:
  • - Vehicle registration number or fleet number
  • - Order verification number
  • - Driver name or ID number
  • - Transaction type: delivery, dispatch or return.
  • - Transaction reference number: order number, delivery number or return number
  • - Load origin
  • - Load destination
  • - Customer or Supplier name
  • - Product
  • - Transporter
  • - Origin transaction number, origin mass and mass variance
  • - Stock pile number
  • - Automatic email or sms facility for daily weighbridge data.
  • - Printing of picking slips, weighbridge tickets on thermal printer, dot matrix printer or laser printer.
  • - Use MS SQL Server with auto backup facility.
  • - Support multi user or multi weighbridge configuration, central database server with multiple weigh bridges.
  • - Connectivity to ERP system for customer, supplier and order information, customizable as per client requirements.
  • - Data export to Excel, CSV, Text File as per customers’ requirements.
  • - IP Camera interface with vehicle image on weigh bridge documentation.


System Layout



User Interface


User interface start-up screen.


  •  – System functions can be accessed via the startup screen.
  • - Buttons for each function
  • - Login and Logout for granting users access to the system
  • - Weighing, function for weighing vehicles
  • - Reports, function for generating reports
  • - Sales, function to configure sales orders
  • - Purchases, function to configure purchase orders
  • - Admin, function to configure products, transporters, customers, suppliers and system users.
  • - Options, function to enable and disabled options onthe system.
  • - Setup, function to configure interfaces to peripheral devices.


Weigh Function



  •  – The Weigh function is the main function used by theweighbridge operator.
  • - The Weigh function allow for the following inputs:
  • - Vehicle registration number
  • - Driver name
  • - Transaction type (delivery, despatch or return)
  • - Order or delivery number
  • - Origin of load
  • - Destination of load
  • - Supplier or customer name
  • - Product
  • - Transporter
  • - Origin transaction number (weighbridge ticket number from the weighbridge where the vehicle was loaded)
  • - Origin mass (mass as per weighbridge ticket, delivery transactions only)
  • - Comment


Sales and Purchase Function

The weighbridge system has the functionality to pre-configure sales and purchase orders.

The following information is stored per order:

  • - Customer or supplier name
  • - Order mass
  • - Transporter(s)
  • - Validation on order (validate on mass only, mass and transporter)

With orders configured on the system, the system validates each transaction against the selected order and block further transactions if the order is complete.

Below the order input screen for sales orders.



Transaction processed against the order.

Below the order input screen for sales orders.




Admin Function

The Admin function allow for the set-up of pre-configured information that are used on the system, e.g. products, transporters, customer and supplier names which allow the weighbridge operator to select the information from drop down lists.

  • - The following information can be pre-configured:
  • - Products
  • - Transporters
  • - Customer or supplier name
  • - Pre-registered vehicle empty mass values
  • - Users and user access levels
  • - Stock pile numbers
  • - System limits



Additional Features

The weighbridge system has additional features thatcan improve security, control and weighbridge operation.

  • - These features include:
  • - IP cameras to take still images of vehicles per transaction.
  • - Tag reader for reading vehicle mounted RF tags; automatic vehicle detection.
  • - Traffic lights, traffic lights that indicate to thevehicle driver when the weigh transaction is complete
  • - Boom gates, control access to the weighbridge via booms gates.
  • - Large scale mass display, LED display that indicates the scale mass to the vehicle driver.
  • - Picking slip printer, thermal receipt printer that print a picking slip that indicate what product the vehicle must load or  off-load for better control between the weighbridgeand stock yard.
  • - Touch screen, for operating a semi-automatic weighbridge where the driver input information.



If the system is equipped with cameras, the camera input is displayed on the weigh screen that the operator uses.



Above samples of the weigh-in and weigh-out transaction still images that are taken and stored per transaction.




The weighbridge ticket includes the vehicle images if the system is equipped with cameras.


Tag Reader and Vehicle Mounted Tags


To automatically identify vehicles, a RFID tag reader can be installed at the weighbridge. RFID tags are then mounted on the vehicles using the weighbridge. RFID tags can either be mounted on the vehicle chassis or windscreen. Each vehicles empty mass are registered on the system. Semi-automatic weighing can also be implemented with RFID tags and tag reader.


Picking Slip Printer


Picking slip printed for transactions to ensure vehicles load the correct product. The above printed on thermal receipt printer.


 Reports and Documentation and

The Reports function provides functionality to generate reports. Report information can be printed or exported to csv file.

  • - The standard reports include:
  • - Completed weigh transactions, information on all completed weigh transactions.
  • - Pending weigh transactions, information on pending weigh transactions.
  • - Registered transporters, list of all transporters registered on the system.
  • - Registered products, list of all products registered on the system.
  • - Registered customers/suppliers, list of all customers and suppliers registered on the system.
  • - Cash sales transactions, information on all cash sale transactions.



Reports can also be configured to be automatically emailed at configured times to a list of email addresses.



Daily summary report automatically emailed from weighbridge system.


Transaction report automatically emailed from weighbridge system.